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Today’s world of marketing and business requires not only 2D graphics which is not enough already, 3D becomes more and more popular. Our specialists create 3D designs for motion design, TV channels, commercials, pictures etc. We are ready to help you to create unique infographics or visual effects in 3D.


We are also specialized on interiors of café, restaurants, showrooms and exhibition stands. In cooperation with building and planning companies we create individual interiors to any taste. Our services include unique design with all drawings, help with choosing building materials and managing the project. 



Kupidon cafe

This café is located in the wedding palace that’s why they used the name of Cupid – a young boy with the bow who fires at the people with the arrows of love who are fated to be together. To create the logo we decided to use the symbols of Cupid. It was important to make out of this café a popular place for young people where you can celebrate the wedding or just spend pleasant time with friends of family.

Especially for this café we made patterns and additional decorative elements, which creates unique rich look.

Cafe Nice

This logo was created for the café of healthy food. Positive active life position of the café clients is reflected in the logo in the shape of smiling lips. Green and orange corporative colors whet the appetite and symbolize healthy products which are in the menu – celery, carrot, pumpkin, asparagus. The symbol of the café is framed by the carved rosette and can be used as a glass rest or a sticker for promo actions.


Car service company asked us to create the corporate style. This company deals with luxury car brands and cooperates with BMW club. “Ever Shine” is elite car wash and associated services. In the company’s logo we reflected the main business sphere – car wash and polishing. The logo like the drop of oil spreads in the circle. If you see this logo for the first time you will associate it with the company’s services and remember forever.

Concept Form

This corporate design was created for our friends – Moscow design agency “Concept Form”. This agency is specialized on creating individual interior items. We reflected in the logo the main idea of the company’s name – conception of the form. Capital letters “C” and “F” overflow into each other which creates the illusion of interconnection and shows the basic conception of this design agency – interconnection between form and its individuality.

Origami leaflet

Origami leaflet Unconventional approach to marketing material design creates a great “chem- istry” with the consumer. The effects are obvious!

Astro font

This font was created for architecture infographics. We used the idea of cooperation of modularity with chaotically diluted nuances of tone.

Black system

Modular 3D font.Every module symbolizes a pixel jutted out to a man. This font was animated in a drum-n-bass style music and reacted to sound waves by protruding and forming a separate groups of pyramids.

Wood font

Decorative font-sculpture for interior made for Swedish company producing modern furniture. Every letter was constructed from metal framework and plywood. Letters were made with the back light and were placed in company’s showrooms to form a corporate style.


We illustrate magazines, books, and create unique original works upon request.

Picom - Art twitter

Picom - ready for communicate throw pictures made by you.

The first oiginal art-blog.


Magic touch (2009)

An alternative way of mechanical manipulato that converts movement in the control signal. "Mause" for designers ad illustrators.

Emergency capsule

ARCHELON EMERGENCY CAPSULE - this capsule is designed to save people in emergency situations, such as typhoons, tsunamis, and floods. The capsule is designed to rescue up to seven people for a period of two weeks or more. The specially developed module protects and sustains life with a standalone, electric power generator and two electric motors. The motors enable the capsule with the capability to move about and travel short distances. Passengers will have the ability to communicate with the outside world via radio and navigate using the onboard navigation system.



Chinese Dragon

Dragon for Chinese New Year. Character design and manufacture of toys for the famous animation brand.

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